Compatibility table between liquid plates and solvents

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Solvent (Resin) F K   Solvent (Resin) F K
Alcohols   Combinations  
Methanol   Ethanol/ethylacetate 90%-10%
Ethanol Red Green Ethanol/ethylacetate 90%-20% Red Red
N-propanol Red Ethanol/i-propylacetate 90%-10% Red
I-propanol Red Ethanol/i-propylacetate 50%-50% Red
N-butanol Red Ethanol/ethylene glycol Red
Benzil alcohol Red Ethanol/toluene 90%-10% Red
Esters   Ethanol/toluene/ethylacetate 80%-10%-10% Red
Ethylacetate Red Red
Methylacetate Red Red Ethanol/benzene 90%-10% Red
I-propylacetate Red Red Ethanol/methylketone 70%-30% Red
Ketones   Ethanol/acetone 70%-30% Red
Acetone Red N-propanol/ethylacetone 80%-20% Red Red
Methyl ethyl ketone Red Red N-propanol/ethylacetone 90%-10% Red
Aliphatic hydrocarbons   N-propanol/methylketone 90%-10% Red
N-hexane Red N-propanol/benzene 95%-5% Red
Cylo hexane Red Red N-propanol/toluene/ethylacetate 80%-10%-10% Red
Gosoline Red Red
Kerosene Red N-propanol/toluene 95%-5% Red
Light oil Red N-propanol/toluene 50%-50% Red Red
White spirit Red I-propanol/methylketone 90%-10% Red Red
Aromatic hydrocardons   I-propanol/ethylacetate 90%-10% Red
Benzene Red Red I-propanol/toluene 98%-2% Red
Toluene Red Red I-propanol/toluene 70%-30% Red Red
Xylene Red Red Methanol/i-propylacetate - 80%-20% Red
Chlorinated hydrocarbons   Methanol/i-propylacetate - 50%-50% Red Red
I - I - I - Trichloroethane Red Red N-hexene/I-propanol/n-buthanol Red Red
I - I - 2 - 2 - Tetrachloro ethylene Red Red Water/isopropyalcohol 90%-10% Red
Perchlorethylene Red Red Water/ethanol 95%-5% Red
Trichlorethylene Red Red  
Linseed oil Red
Tung oil Red
Soja bean oil Red
Ligroin Red
N-nitro propane Red
2-nitro propane Red
Ethylene glycol
Propylene glycol  
Ethyleneglycol-monoethylether Red
Ethyleneglycol-monomethylether Red
Ethyleneglycol-monobuthylether Red

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